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Legolize 0.2 beta release

Legolize 0.2 is a particle system inside Softimage ICE, created as a hobby. List of features ::

  • Auto Construct slider, at random or uniform height
  • Hollow trigger
  • Transforms constraints
  • Randomize rotation by 90º (useful when only one edge of the piece is beveled)
  • Slight turbulence
  • Offset in X and or Z
  • Debug mode for the hollow effect
  • You can change the input geometry’s topology and the pieces won’t jump around

These below are NOT features, but useful tips that are shown in the video ::

  • Define a color for the pieces from texture maps, vertex colors or randomize it by a gradient
  • Delete pieces inside a null

I’ve just made some modifications and released version 0.2.1, including the “Generate 3D Point Grid from Center” compound ::