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beta testing

In a couple of weeks I’ve been beta testing Eric Trivierge’s PassManager Softimage addon, and it is quite amazing. It let’s you basically copy and paste Passes, Scene, Partitions, Renderer and Overrides options between different scenes, which can be time-saving in a lot of sittuations.


Another great tool is Fabricio Chamon’s “Create Extrusion Along Curve”, which is incredibly build upon ICE Modeling. It’s been a long waited function and he’s improving it super fast. This one is the third video of development:


links to their websites:

finally online

hi! I’ve just started this blog to publish the work I’ve been doing.

I’m working at Casa Digital, mostly doing ArchViz, but also rigging and animating in Softimage. We’ve just uploaded a site about all the infrastructures changes the city of Rio de Janeiro is having for it’s upcoming Olympics. This one below is the “Tomorrow Museum”, designed by Santiago Calatrava, and the image below links to the official site.