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BestRenderSequence script

As I was rendering my last animation, I thought it would be better if the renderer shot the most distant frames instead of the closest. In a sequence from 1 to 15, for instance, it wouldn’t render 1, 2, 3, 4… but 1, 15, 8, 4… always getting the middle frames.

I took it as a challenge with a friend, and finally got it working in python ::

# Best Render Sequence
# by Ed Schiffer
def bestRenderSeq(inN, outN):
    inN, outN   = int(inN), int(outN)
    sortedSeq   = [inN, outN]
    finalSeq    = [inN, outN]
    tempList    = []
    while len(finalSeq) != (outN -inN +1):
        for item in sortedSeq:
            if sortedSeq.index(item) != 0:
                count = sortedSeq.index(item) 
                tempN = (sortedSeq[count] +sortedSeq[count -1]) /2
        for item in tempList:
            if item not in finalSeq:
                tempList = []
    print "best render sequence: %s" %finalSeq

Cinema 4D first impressions

I’m a Softimage user/fan for about 3 years, have worked with 3ds Max another 3 and learned Maya in between. For 3 Saturdays of last October, the company I work for payed a Cinema 4D R13 course to all art department, so again I took the road of learning another 3d package…

The software is indeed much more friendly than others. People who is not familiarized with CG will get it on much faster. Some cool things I’ve noticed: Continue reading

Premultiplied vs Straight

As I was researching about the differences between these two color modes, I’ve noticed how many people have difficulty about it, most working with it everyday. So as a form of self study I made the following diagram.

{In a nut shell, when you have transparency in the Straight mode, only the alpha channel is affected, the RGB remains the same, pure; with Premultiplied, the RGB channels get multiplied by the background color, which most cases is black. The alpha channel of both are exactly the same.}

Click for a bigger version. Hope it helps ::

I Feel Orange

Remember I was rigging and animating in Softimage? Well, the short is finished and published inside Facebook.  It’s part of a website we developed here at CasaDigital:

I was in charge of the rigging, shading, lighting, simulation, rendering, compositing and some of the modeling and animation. The biggest challenge was the liquid simulation at the opening. I have never done it and took quite a few time, but working with Lagoa was amazing.

There were some modeling done in 3ds Max, but all the rest was Softimage, rendered with mental ray. If you prefer: Youtube link (Youtube compression made everything too dark…)

other credits:
script – Luiz Eduardo KuhnerHugo Monteiro and Cesar da Matta
direction and storyboard – Renan de Moraes
animation – Felipe Simões and Renan de Moraes
modeling – Felipe Simões and Hugo Mattos