Since I was little I have fascination for making up sci-fi stories with toys and drawings. CG was the way for keeping this up.

At 2008 I’ve graduated from PUC-Rio’s Design course, but since before I’ve been working within the industry as a CG Artist. In 2010 a college project was approved which was a planetarium 30-minute movie, in which I co-wrote, co-directed, animated and rigged.

In the process I learned motion capture, Python scripting and managing the team and it’s pipeline. After that I started working at Globosat with broadcast graphics, technical assistance and virtual inserts for soccer games.

I also had realistic oil painting classes, and created an effect for transforming geometries into Lego bricks, widening my scope of artistic and technical skills, which are my main motivation. I’m always studying ways to construct whatever imaginable.

At the moment I’m developing a personal animation and freelancing. Below you can better understand when these experiences fit in a visual timeline.

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And these are some of mine biggest life influences  and the things I love the most. Thanks for stopping by.

Ed Schiffer Influence Map

CG, Illustration & Experiments