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“Três João” fishes VFX

“Três João” is a short student film from PUC-Rio’s Cinema college, in which I had the pleasure to contribute with visual effects for it’s last scene.

the scene required two goldenfishes jumping against each other in an open ocean,  filmed by the recording crew. they were sculpted in ZBrush, rendered with Arnold, composited in After-Effects and everything else done in Softimage.

Legolize 0.2 beta release

Legolize 0.2 is a particle system inside Softimage ICE, created as a hobby. List of features ::

  • Auto Construct slider, at random or uniform height
  • Hollow trigger
  • Transforms constraints
  • Randomize rotation by 90º (useful when only one edge of the piece is beveled)
  • Slight turbulence
  • Offset in X and or Z
  • Debug mode for the hollow effect
  • You can change the input geometry’s topology and the pieces won’t jump around

These below are NOT features, but useful tips that are shown in the video ::

  • Define a color for the pieces from texture maps, vertex colors or randomize it by a gradient
  • Delete pieces inside a null

I’ve just made some modifications and released version 0.2.1, including the “Generate 3D Point Grid from Center” compound ::