Promax Award for SporTV’s Olympics Games package

Last week Globosat Network was contemplated with an Promaxbda Global Excellence Award for it’s Olympics Games package, under the specialized category of Art Direction & Design: Special Event Campain (Olympics) for 2013.

This Award means a lot for the whole team, which worked united as ever to deliver the best broadcast graphics. Our team was in charge of the realtime graphics and virtuals, done in VizRT. Here’s a little snippet of how we’re happy ::


Creative Manager :: Manuel Falcão
Designers :: André Calabria, Marcelo Penna, Gerson Amaral, Bruno Guerra, Eduardo Lima, Adolfo Fisher, Renan Araújo, Ed Schiffer, Ricardo Cortaz, Robledo Guerra
Creative Coords :: Stânio Soares, Eduardo Felipe
Production Coord :: Ricardo Leo
Production Asst :: Vanessa Forton
Sound Designers :: Eduardo Couto, Jonas Sá


BestRenderSequence script

As I was rendering my last animation, I thought it would be better if the renderer shot the most distant frames instead of the closest. In a sequence from 1 to 15, for instance, it wouldn’t render 1, 2, 3, 4… but 1, 15, 8, 4… always getting the middle frames.

I took it as a challenge with a friend, and finally got it working in python ::

# Best Render Sequence
# by Ed Schiffer
# www.edschiffer.com
def bestRenderSeq(inN, outN):
    inN, outN   = int(inN), int(outN)
    sortedSeq   = [inN, outN]
    finalSeq    = [inN, outN]
    tempList    = []
    while len(finalSeq) != (outN -inN +1):
        for item in sortedSeq:
            if sortedSeq.index(item) != 0:
                count = sortedSeq.index(item) 
                tempN = (sortedSeq[count] +sortedSeq[count -1]) /2
        for item in tempList:
            if item not in finalSeq:
                tempList = []
    print "best render sequence: %s" %finalSeq

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